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Working Pattern in GUJCOT

GUJCOT has, over the years, developed marketing chain of cotton of farmers through the chain of co-operative structure starting from village to taluka to districts and upto state level.

GUJCOT operates on the pooling concept whereby seedcotton is collected by the village co-operatives directly from the member farmers and processed in the cotton co-operative ginning and pressing factories owned by the farmers.

In the areas where co-operative G&P factory is not in existence, the job work is done in the nearby other factory with the prior arrangement by the federation. The cotton bales prepared from these factories are to be marketed by GUJCOT through the network of district level co-operative cotton member unions.

The cotton farmers are paid advance pooling amount against the seedcotton brought to the societies. The final price with the amount of profit is also passed on the member farmers by GUJCOT through the chain of cotton co-operatives after deducting nominal service charges.

In this whole system of marketing, the member cotton farmer remains the owner of his produce till he receives final price from GUJCOT. In this pooling concept, farmer is partner in profit and GUJCOT acts as a trusty on behalf of farmers. This concept is unique and only operative in Gujarat in milk, sugar and cotton co-operatives. This marketing platform provides a sound base to the cotton farmers.