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1. Spinning Textile:

In Gujarat, Textile Industries as its unique position as a self-reliant Industries, from the production of raw materials to fabric and garments and has a major contributions to the economy. Gujarat is a largest producer of cotton, constituting over 32% share of the country's production. It is observed that besides the quality production of cotton, Gujarat is quite strong in Ginning both in terms of Technology and productivity. But due to non-availability of spinning activities, over 90% of Gujarat Cotton goes either for or to other State for further value-addition. Therefore, there is need to transform the State Cotton Industries as the leader in manufacturing of Yarn, Fabrics and Garments.

Besides to aim in utilizing the Spinning Capacity and also to enhance the growth of cotton Farmer by way of better price realization & also enable them to withstand the uncertain & price fluctuation of cotton both in domestic and international market in one hand and to strengthen the whole value chain of the textile industry across the State. GUJCOT has already decided to proceed on Co-operative Private Partnership (CPP) Model under which, the high-tech Spinning Textiles by creating 1 lakh new spindles under one roof in Gujarat which will be established under the Active Support of The Govt. of Gujarat, New Textile Policy-2012 (Integrated approach to strengthen the value chain, Farm, Fiber, Fabric, Fashion (Garment) to Foreign (Export).

2. Establishment of High Volume Instrument (HVI) Laboratories – USTER HVI 1000 Model:

GUJCOT has also taken-up the project under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) to establish HVI Uster 1000 Model High-tech Lab, with the association with USTER – Renowned Manufacturer of HVI Lab in the World. Under this, GUJCOT considers to introduce classification and grading of cotton. Uster technologies, world wide, is committed to support instrument classification and grading as that offers to farmers, ginners and textile mills as that brings transparency in the entire value chain.

3. Construction of "A" – Class Accredited Modern Ware-houses by GUJCOT under RKVY:

In India, Gujarat is the State which has achieved agricultural growth @ 9.70%.The Govt. of Gujarat has been actively supporting scientific research in agriculture. Krishi Mahotsav, farmers training program at field level as well as adoption of modern agricultural practices –all have resulted into the increase of agriculture productivity. However, increase in agriculture productivity has not positively related into the storage of various agricultural produces in the State. Insufficient storage facility results in the wastage and spoilage of agricultural produces such as gains, pulses, spices and oil seeds. Moreover, the farmers because of the insufficient storage facility, their produces have to be sold in the market which ultimately will not touch better prices to them. Not only this, the insufficient storage facility also results into spoilage of cattle products. Because of such wastages, the consumers also cannot get the quality agricultural produces.

If the "A" Grade godowns are constructed and sufficient storage is provided by the co-operative federation like GUJCOT, the farmers will be in a position to store their agricultural produces in such godowns and they can get the finance from these accredited (A Grade) warehouses and wait for getting good prices of their produces. If the farmers can get good prices of their produces, their economic growth and well beings be maintained. It is estimated that in the State of Gujarat, about 7,00,000 M.T. storage capacity will be required to create in the current and coming years. For this, various schemes of Govt. of Gujarat as well as Central Govt. is available and sanctioned for the benefit of farmers of Gujarat.

In Gujarat, there are various godowns which have been constructed by various Agency/Corporation/Private Traders however, hardly 10% of them are accredited for A Grade level. Gujarat State Co-operative Cotton Federation (GUJCOT) has decided tom construct A grade godowns which are comparable to international standards. In various districts of Gujarat, under Co-operative Societies structure for the benefits of farmers. For this, GUJCOT has decided to construct the godowns under two ways: 1) On the land of co-operative processing societies 2) On the land to be bought by/leased in the prominent areas where the storage capacity has not been created against the demand.

Being the Multi-commodity structure of GUJCOT and scientific approach as well as the management's capacity with GUJCOT such accredited warehouses shall be created with the help of Govt. of Gujarat under RKVY Scheme which ultimately is in the interest of small and marginal farmers. GUJCOT is capable to construct the godowns because it has sound co-operative net work starting village, taluka and the level of districts in the State of Gujarat. Against the requirement of creating 7,00,000 M.T. storage capacity in the State, GUJCOT wants to utilize the storage capacity of 2,50,000 MT in the various parts of Gujarat. Our idea is to construct at least 3 godowns (each of having capacity of appx. 1,000 M.T.) at each location and therefore about 75 to 80 locations are to be selected in various parts of this State.

4. Contract Farming:

GUJCOT has the close direct affiliation with 550,000 farmers through Village Co-op. Societies in Gujarat. The sound affiliation provides the backward integration in having the association with farmers for various agricultural produces and ultimately through the Contract Farming System, supply chain be established with the companies which believe in the quality produces to prepare the value addition after procuring the farmers' produce through GUJCOT. Under the Contract Farming System, GUJCOT will also provide seeds, various inputs such as Fertilizers and Pesticides as well as Organic Manures under CPP Model to the Farmers.

5. Hi-tech Agriculture – Establishment of Green House Park:

Under the hi-tech Agriculture Sector, GUJCOT has expanded its activities and enter under Co-op. Private Partnership (CPP) Model with the renowned Companies having sound establishment of Green-house. GUJCOT will start in setting-up Green House to the Farmers, provide total solutions including supply of Inputs, putting Agronomists and also enter under buy-back system with farmers for Marketing of their produces. This will considerably enhance the Agri. Income to the Small & Marginal Farmers, who have small land-holdings but do not have expertise in taking-up the Hi-tech Agri. System. For this, GUJCOT comes as the Supportive Friend with the Farmers in getting higher realization of Foreign Markets for their produces.

6. Solar Technology in Agriculture & Irrigation:

Under the modern era of technology, solar power has the enormous capabilities and it has not been properly utilized under Agri. Sector. Traditional Power is the lacuna to the farmers which also gives large burden in cost of Production in Agriculture. To over come this, GUJCOT has affiliation with renowned German and U.K based International Companies and going to bring the ultimate technology of Solar Power in Agriculture as well as using Solar Energy in Irrigation, which will be known as using no power or minimal power for irrigation. This will bring revolution in the Agri. & Irrigation Sector in Gujarat; which ultimately benefit to the Farmers' Community in the State of Gujarat.

7. Establishment of Bio-tech Park, Bio-mass and Bio-gas as the source of Renewable Energy:

The future plans of GUJCOT also cover the area of establishment of High Level Bio-tech Park in the State of Gujarat. Under Bio-tech, the research has been done in producing Millions of Agriculture & Horticulture as well as Vegetable Plants, in place of tissue-culture system. Not only this, but Bio-tech will ensure the Germination of disease-free Plants, which will give the hi-tech benefits in the high productivity and remunerative prices to the Farmers. GUJCOT also aims to establish Bio-mass or Bio-gas Plants as a source of renewable energy in the Rural Areas through the active association of Villagers/ Farmers in association with Village Co-operatives. This hi-tech system of renewable energy will provide the self-sufficiency to the villagers and also provides the sound platform for using the raw-materials of village area to the Bio-mass/ Bio-gas Park.