Considering the important contribution of GUJCOT in the area of cotton co-operatives, the Govt, of Gujarat converted GUJCOT a multi commodity federation from single commodity federation. GUJCOT is also expanding its activities to oil and other commodities and also entering in the system of value addition in the products by which growth of farmers is assured. The aim and object of GUJCOT is to work for the farmers through the co-operative network and satisfy the end users by selling quality products as well as providing best market services.

  • Cotton co-operatives working on pooling concept ensure uniform quality in cotton bales to fulfill the demand of domestic and importing mills outside India.
  • Several studies made by Economic and Management Institutes have clearly shown the economic gains obtained by the cotton growers, who have remained faithful to the co-operative over the years. Gujarat cotton co-operatives have been named as model for processing and marketing of agriculture produce.